Thanksgiving: In The Midst of Mystery & Mission

This isn’t my typical post. It’s simply a post of vague personal perspective.

(I do apologize in advance for such vagueness)

I’m almost at a loss for words…


Last week, I worked hard creating a video to be released immediately the day after completion, detailing a very important topic with heavy implications to our lives and futures as a collective. That video was a very big deal to me. The topic I discussed is among the biggest of deals to me. I was also taking a leap of faith by stepping into territory that was completely foreign and I needed to be sure I had my ducks in a row and that everything was set to go.

While in preparation to get ready to publish(I already had the video uploaded and ready),I ran into a massive roadblock. As of the time of writing this, I remain behind this roadblock—staring up at a Goliath. I’m at a standstill. It’s been a week of prayer and tested patience. It’s been taxing. Even writing these words stirs frustration and confusion about the whole situation.

I can only pray and hope that the ending to this ongoing story is what was intended at the beginning. 

…on a completely separate and positive note:

I’m very thankful for those of you who take the time to visit this site. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Holiday, but I know that every day is acceptable and perfect for showing gratitude. Regardless of the prison food we’ve been served up in year form, I’m very thankful for my Lord, my family, and the new friends I’ve made through this site and gabbery.

May your holiday be exactly as you desire.

God bless and Godspeed